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545 Captains Row
Merritt Island FL 32952

Skywatchers and Communicators Amateur Radio Club
Keep Calling 2 Unidentified Flying Objects

KC2UFO's 2012 End of the World Special Event

We are saying 2012 End of the World because, who knows? there could be a 2013 End of the World or the one that source say the Mayans predict for about 5000 years or so from now. Anyway, we are really bad at prepping. We were supposed to launch around the 16th but we are hoping to make it for the 20th. AT least. Or go down is smoke, what with the bands not cooperating, software glitches, etc. etc.

But I digress...
I'm supposed to tell you about QSL & so on [and by the way, our new server at kc2ufo.org] so now I will let the King Speak:

Do NOT send any QSLs by Mail!



Game Over Special Event 12/21/2012

Due to the world coming to an End on December 21, 2012, We will not be able to mail out any Special Event Certificates.

In order to get your Certificate we ask you to go to KC2UFO.org, where you will be able to print your own online. *UPDATE* THere is also a log list linked to that page.

If you would like a QSL Card for the Event, please go to eQSL.cc, if you are a member it will be there waiting for you. If you are not a member, please sign up with them. It is FREE and a great way to QSL!

73, from all of us here at KC2UFO Lets hope that this is not the LAST QSO!

Special Thanks to N4LEM

...so sayeth his lordship...

The future

We're looking for a haunted house to broadcast from on Halloween. Is this too kewl or what?

Some Past Exploits

International Lighthouse Weekend 2006 UPDATE

We wuz rained upon and yet prevailed. Then we were HAUNTED!

Certain hams who contacted us on Echolink say they heard many loud voices in the background when K1UZM was on late night on Saturday, 19 August 2006. I, W2KAT, also heard the voices over Echolink from our room in Rockland. They were many, loud and unintelligible. Since Dave, Debbie and Jim were the only people around at the time, we are guessing we can add another haunting to the Owls Head list.

Anyone who heard these voices--on any frequency--please let us know. Just for kicks.

And maybe some free publicity :)

Go to Details.

International Lighthouse Weekend 2006

We have managed to combine two - count them! - TWO quests! A HAUNTED lighthouse! Are we awesome or what?

The Owls Head Light in Owls Head, near Rockland, Maine, is occupied by at least two ghosts -- an old lightkeeper who leaves footprints and recently polished brass and an older lady who hangs out in the kitchen just radiating serenity. So "they" say. We'll naturally keep you posted if we get to meet these kewl keepers.

We've got Big Plans for this one--everything from echolink to good ole RF. ONE of these has got to attract Their attention.

The event runs from 0001 UTC on August 19 until 2359 UTC on August 20, 2006. We'll be walking and working on Saturday and Sunday during the time period but probably not midnight to midnight. We like to look around for Green Things and stuff, too.

Echolink Node KC2UFO-L 302025
HF in US General Class portion

QSL info
This is a special address for this event. Please send your SASE to

PO Box 546
Glen Gardner NJ 08826



For more info, check out QRZ.


Past events

International Lighthouse Weekend 2000

The intrepid clan journeyed to Tibbets Point Lighthouse [built in 1854] at Cape Vincent, New York, on Lake Ontario to participate in this international event on 19 August 2000 through 20 August 2000.

All those lights flashing could very well attract THEIR attention. We shall, as always, be prepared for that possibility. Sadly, no aliens from outer space attended [that we know of] but here's some pix and story about the trip.

We stayed in a very cool youth hostel attached to the lighthouse. We expected to spend some time wandering through downtown Kingston, Ontario, as well. We heard they have alcohol over there. Do you think they'll notice our tin hats? See the above reference to find out.


Where the martians didn't land

Grover's Mill, epicenter of the War of the Worlds panic
Saturday, October 30, 1999
From 10:00 AM to about 3:00 PM, EDT

except that Deb went into overtime until nearly 5:00PM

Pictures of the participants.

We were on forty meters and twenty meters, and a few minutes on ten meters. We had to move a bit because of contesting. Thanks to all who contacted us. Your certificates will be mailed out soon. Watch this page for the actual mailing date.

Tin foil hats are, as always, optional.

A little [not so little--3 megs] and very funny video.

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