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Although this amateur radio club, which welcomes non-ham members, does the usual public service, skywarning, RACES-type stuff, we also have a Primary Objective:

To be prepared for communications with alien visitors.

Although we're quite happy to converse with people from other countries, that isn't the type of alien we had in mind. Yes, we are preparing for invasion / visitation / whatever from Out There. We also hang out in haunted houses, weird places and invasion sites. We'll visit your crop circle and have a special event station right there.

[If you think that we are looking for the great mothership behind the comet, go somewhere else. We aren't THAT serious, if you get my drift.]

Now I've had some wonky-donkey hams tell me that our PO is contrary to Federal Communications Commission regulations. Well, phooey on you. We would certainly expect our communicant to ID after about nine minutes, and should we learn that our conversation was not in compliance with Part 97, then we would naturally switch to cellular communications or smoke signals or antenna twitches or whatever. Our bylaws [to be posted soon] address this issue quite explicitly, thank you very much.

So you're not a wonky-donkey type and you're thinking maybe you'd like to join KC2UFO. Well, totally rad, man. You can do that. For seven [US$7.00] dollars a year, you can call yourself a member of KC2UFO. Try not to be so excited.

What you DON'T get is:

What you DO get is

What, you may wonder, are they gonna do with all that money? We are hoping to save enough to have a KC2UFO special event station right there in Roswell, which is way, way far from where we are in rural westcoast New Jersey. And if that doesn't work out, maybe we'll buy a new, quieter generator for the special events. Or maybe we'll buy a couple of hot dogs at Hot Rods. Whatever. Why are you asking? You don't have a say in it anyway.

How can that be, you wonder. What about elections and stuff?

Nope. KC2UFO [Keep Calling to Unidentified Flying Objects] has a king and a queen. The King does the winter run, the Queen does the other half. Right now, I'm in charge so I'm stuck with writing this. I, by the way, am Kath Slawson, W2KAT. Dave, K1UZM, is waiting in the wings for his moment. You, on the other hand, get to laugh a lot.

E-mail us for more info: kc2ufo@qsl.net

Our next scheduled special event....

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What does KC2UFO do?

E-mail us for more info: kc2ufo@qsl.net

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