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This lighthouse continues to use the original thirty-foot brick tower, established in 1825, with its fourth order Fresnel light. The lighthouse stands on a 100-foot ridge which makes it visible for sixteen nautical miles.

Stories abound about this light, from the heroic dog Spot who barked boats to safety in the fog when the light failed to the couple, frozen-solid in ice, who were chipped out and slowly revived by the light keeper in 1850.

Ghosts include the classic brass-polishing keeper who slams doors to an old sea captain kind of fellow who was an informative "imaginary friend" to a little girl to the sweet lady who seems to enjoy the kitchen area.

KC2UFO-Owls Head Light QSL--photograph copyright 2006 Ed Slawson -all rights reserved

[KC2UFO-Owls Head Light QSL--photograph copyright 2006 Ed Slawson -all rights reserved]


Certain hams who contacted us on Echolink say they heard many loud voices in the background when K1UZM was on late night on Saturday. I, W2KAT, also heard the voices over Echolink from our room in Rockland. They were many, loud and unintelligible. Since Dave, Debbie and Jim were the only people around at the time, we are guessing we can add another haunting to the Owls Head list. Anyone who heard these voices--on any frequency--please let us know. Just for kicks.


Tim Hall

Director of Parks for the State of Maine, for heroically and stoically granting KC2UFO permission not only to set up but also to spend the night onsite so that we could try for [and attain] the haunted lighthouse award.

Ed and Virginia Slawson

of Waldoboro and Rockland, Maine, for generously allowing us to land the toaster in their lot as well as use one of the apartments in their kewl waterfront building from whose balconies one can see TWO lighthouses.

Kim and Robin Slawson

without whose techabilities and hardware our ECHOLINK would not have run.

Sam Charlton

of the Maine Parks Department who is a kind, informative and gentle advocate of Things Outdoors.


of the Maine Parks Department who is gracious and cooperative beyond measure, and who could really use a little shed at the park rather than lugging her many heavy tools around.

All the visitors and hams

who dropped by to see what was up and stayed to yak for a while.

Abbie Slawson

who dances to her own tune whether you can hear it or not.

and, of course,


the Golden Retriever who knows that They Will Return and who meets with the same kewl composure all people and everything from driving rain to hitchhiking starfish.

Thanks to you all.



This is a special address for this event. Please send your SASE to

PO Box 546
Glen Gardner NJ 08826



For more info, check out QRZ.

From contacting Owls Head Lighthouse in 2006, you now have a QSL from a haunted lighthouse on its maiden activation. For more info on International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend, you can check out http://illw.net/.

You also may [start to] qualify for the Haunted Lighthouse Award. See http://www.wb3aal.com/Pages/Haunted-Lighthouses.htm.

Operators at Owls Head: Debbie KB2TZQ [who, as usual, made the most contacts], Jim KB2TZR, Dave K1UZM and Kath W2KAT

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