Photos of Our
War of the Worlds Special Event
at Grover's Mill

Front to rear and left to right.
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 Jim, Dave (King), Kath (Queen), Deb. TNX to the alien who took the picture for us.
 Jim, Roger, Kath, Deb. Roger shows up for a couple of contacts.
 War of the Worlds Monument at Grover's Mill park in West Windsor
 Deb and Kath. Deb's vocal chords of steel got a marathon workout that day.
 Jim going for the optional tin foil hat protective device
 Dave, Kath, Deb. Dave also seeks the solace of the always-optional tin foil hat.

Hear the "War of the Worlds" Part 1 in .wav format 1.84MB.
Hear the "War of the Worlds" Part 2 in .wav format 1.74MB.

Thanks to all who contacted us and joined the fun on our Halloween Eve special event.
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