KC2UFO--Skywatchers and Communicators Amateur Radio Club

When we say DX
we mean it

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Skywatchers and Communicators

Who actually signed up for this club?


Optional background music UFO.MID, written, performed and donated by
Roger Fleming, N2OEM

Dave Slawson, K1UZM formerly N2VRC, King

Kath Slawson, W2KAT, Queen

Bob Escott, N2VWM

Roger Fleming, N2OEM

Deb Cowell, KB2TZQ

Jim Cowell, KB2TZR

Mike Elcsisin, KC2FTN

We're growing fast!

E-mail us for more info: kc2ufo@qsl.net

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Want to know more about your royalty?

Email Dave at Email n2vrc@juno.com

Email Kath at Email slawson@nac.net