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KC2UFO plays during International Lighthouse Weekend

Our latest event

International Lighthouse Weekend 2000

The intrepid clan journeyed to Tibbets Point Lighthouse [built in 1827, rebuilt in 1854] at Cape Vincent, New York, on Lake Ontario to participate in this international event on 19 August 2000 through 20 August 2000.

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The top picture is the totally cool lighthouse. The next one is our strong and stable antenna support system, which did actually withstand some very high winds. Then there's the dynamic duo, Jim and Deb. On the bottom, Jim is looking very stern [no beer allowed on the lighthouse premises] and Kath is looking windblown [but sober. Sigh.] The grand finale is the youth hostel building, where the Coast Guard members stayed until automation struck. Note the picnic tables: broadcast mecca.

So those are the pictures we promised--out of the forty or so that Dave took [which is why he isn't in any of the picures, get it?]

Sadly, no aliens from outer space attended [that we know of] but we managed to meet with many and talk to more people anyway. Despite a very windy start, we had well over 200 QSOs, with good ole Deb making the monster number of contacts as usual.

We stayed in a very cool youth hostel attached to the lighthouse (Ma Tibbetts says "Hi!") and set our gear out over two picnic tables in this beautiful spot.

We took a spell on Sunday to wander into downtown Kingston, Ontario, Canada (just two ferry boat rides away.) We finally landed ourselves into the Irish Pub, where we seemed to fit right in. Especially with the old guy playing guitar and yelling on the street corner.

Yes, they had alcohol. No, they didn't notice our tin hats. Kindness or too much ale?

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