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KC2UFO 2015 Veterans Day Certificate Locator

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Greetings from KC2UFO, where veterans, hippies and aliens seem to coexist peacefully. Thanks for your participation!

This page will help you to locate your certificate for the special event.

Please note that, in our never-ending effort To Save The World ®, we do not mail out Special Event Certificates.

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If your pdf looks funky, try saving it to file and then view and print it. Some browser viewers [I'm looking at you, Firefox!] act kind of oddly, especially with unusual fonts.

2015 Veterans Day Special Event

For SWL folks, enter your name or Call at will:  Click Here

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In order to get your Certificate please use this page as above to
print your own online.

If you would like a QSL Card for the event, please go to eQSL.cc and send us a card. If you are not a member, please sign up with them. It is FREE and a great way to QSL!

73, from all of us here at KC2UFO.

Special thanks to Ray N4LEM & Kim Slawson & Steve N4UTQ for their patience and support.

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