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KC2UFO 2012 End of World Special Event

Greetings from KC2UFO for what TV "cosmologists" and "historians" have proclaimed to be the Mayan prophesy of the end of life as we know it.

We at KC2UFO never dispute prophesies or alien reports [well, almost never] so we are just going to roll with it. And by "roll with it," we mean have some fun and if the Mayans are better at predicting our end than theirs, then at least we all had a good time with our pals.

It wasn't just the Mayans, of course. Some people cite John the Revelator, Inca and Nostradamus predictions. Although NASA says that we are not cosmologically threatened, we did have an asteroid pass between earth and the moon just last week, and no one saw it coming!

Maybe the take-away of all this is we should treat the earth a little kinder, and each other as well. Pretty good for an old prophet, eh?

We were having continued software problems {sigh} but the good news is your calls should be up by this evening, if not before.  Please don't hammer the server:  We will announce when the certificates are ready on the air and/or you can try again later this evening.  If you absolutely can't wait or you know everything is crashing around you, print a SWL Certificate with your callsign [and EQSL below for your confirmation.]  Our LinuxGenius promises all will function tonight.  Before the world ends.  We hope.

Anyway: For your certificates, turn off headers & footers in your browser's printer setup program [check print preview] unless you want them printed on the certificate. The certificates print most reliably using portrait rather than landscape, especially in Internet Explorer. Other browsers tend to shrink things, so you may be able to use landscape. Again, use the ole Print Preview to see what is really going to come out of your printer.

For amateur radio operators, enter your Call below.

For SWL folks, enter your name or Call at will:  Click Here

Due to the world coming to an End
on December 21, 2012, we will not be able to mail out any
Special Event Certificates.

In order to get your Certificate please use this page as above to
print your own online.

If you would like a QSL Card for the event, please go to eQSL.cc; if you are a member it will be there waiting for you. If you are not a member, please sign up with them. It is FREE and a great way to QSL!

73, from all of us here at KC2UFO. Lets hope that this is not the LAST QSO!

Special thanks to N4LEM & Kim Slawson & N4UTQ for their patience and support.